About Us

Since 1945 the wholesale beer distributors in Nebraska have been known as the Nebraska Beer Wholesalers Association.  In January, 2007 our 62 year old trade organization changed its name to the Associated Beverage Distributors of Nebraska.  While beer remains the core of our businesses, the name ABDN better reflects the increasing variety of beverages our members now market and distribute to our retail customers across the State of Nebraska.

The 16 member companies of ABDN are locally owned and operated, independent, family businesses.  They serve the nearly 4000 businesses in Nebraska which are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.  ABDN members have considerable impact on the State’s economy through the purchase and operation of trucks, warehouses, and technology systems;  as well as the payment of vehicle and license fees, fuel costs and taxes, wage and benefit programs for their nearly 500 employees, travel and entertainment expenses, charitable donations and business, personal, property and sales taxes.

Mission Statement

The Associated Beverage Distributors of Nebraska represents and protects the legislative and regulatory interests of its members in state and local government. Our primary goal is to uphold the three-tier system in order to safeguard the industry’s distribution standards. We strive to build camaraderie and foster communication amongst our members.