The ABDN Government Guide

Few, if any, industries are as highly regulated as the alcoholic beverage industry. Every facet of the industry, from the moment every beer is brewed to the moment that the beer is consumed, is regulated. Laws determine who may sell alcohol, what can be sold, where to sell, when to sell, how to sell, and who can purchase alcohol.

Because of government’s role in the alcoholic beverage industry, ABDN’s top priority is to provide our members with representation, legislative counsel and monitoring of government activities at both the State and Federal levels. ABDN is committed to represent its members’ interests on laws and regulations that affect the industry in which they are involved.

The following are some of the areas and activities of ABDN:

  • State Legislation
  • State Regulation
  • Judicial rulings, decisions and legal action when appropriate
  • Administration of the ABDN Beer Political Action Committee (B-PAC)
  • Representation at political functions and events
  • Legislative updates
  • Coordination of activities with other industry-related associations

Federal Legislation and Regulation activities have direct action and support of the activities of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and the Wholesale Beer Association Executives (WBAE).